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iPhone, iPad, iPod Prices

iPhone Price
iPhone 6+ $200
iPhone 6 $160
iPhone 5s, 5c, 5 $130
iPhone 4s, 4 $60
Charger Port, Battery, Camera Replacement $60
iPhone Home Button $25
Other Problems Ask Us!
iPad Price
iPad 2, 3, 4 $140
iPad Mini $150
iPad Air $200
iPod Price
iPod 5 $110
iPod 4 $60
iPod 3 $60

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Note Phones

Samsung, HTC

Samsung Galaxy Price
Galaxy S6 Edge $330
Galaxy S6 $280
Galaxy S5 $200
Galaxy S4 $130
Galaxy S3 $110
Other Models Ask Us!
HTC Price
HTC M9 $200
HTC M8 $200
HTC M7 $180
Other Models Ask Us!
Samsung Note Price
Note 4 $280
Note 3 $260
Note 2 $190
Other Models Ask Us!

LG Phones
Android Phones
Android Tablets

LG, Other Android Phones and Tablet Prices

LG Price
LG G3 $110
LG G2 $100
Other Models Ask Us!
Android Phones Price
Google Nexus 5 $100
Moto X $200
Sony Xperia Z $100
Other Models Ask Us!
Android Tablets Price
Google Nexus 9 $250
Google Nexus 7/td> $90
Amazon Fire HDX $160
Other Models Ask Us!

Laptops & PCs
Gaming Consoles
Other Electronics Prices
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Hardware Repair

We specialize in hardware repair and maintainning, whether it is your personal phone, your loved computer or an electrionic you can't live without


Software Repair

We specialize in software repair on all devices, including iPhones, Androids and Laptops.


Carrier Unlocking

Unlike many companies, we are able to unlock your phones for you. Our prices are reasonable, and the process takes only a days